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Stainless Steel Laboratory Process Chiller

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Stainless Steel Laboratory Process Chiller

FT63 Laboratory Process Chiller

The FT63 is a recirculating process chiller, providing a continuous supply of chilled liquid to serve as the cooling fluid when used with an Armfield miniature-scale processing unit. It is particularly suitable for use with an Armfield FT74XTS / FT174X UHT system and the CarboFill FT102X.


• Continuously recirculating glycol solutions for cold chilled liquid temperatures
• Temperature controller on chilled liquid outlet allows stable processing
• High cooling capacity
• Integral high capacity liquid pump
• Mobile unit
• Washable control panel
• Optional stainless steel casing


> Low refrigerant charge
> Low running costs
> Easily cleaned and maintained


The FT63 contains a reservoir of cooled fluid, which is pumped through the external process to be coole (e.g. heat exchanger system). The cooling fluid can be water, or a mixture of glycol and water, dependent on the output temperature required. This fluid is cooled by the integral refrigeration system. A high pressure pump is used to pump the fluid through the process. A bypass valve facility allows the fluid to be recirculated independently of the process conditions. Two versions of the FT63 are available. The standard version has a painted mild steel case while the FT63SS has a stainless steel casing.

Reciprocating hermetically sealed compressor with a refrigerant cooled motor.

Packaged coil type made of copper tubes and aluminium fins.

Single air-cooled condenser manufactured from aluminium fins mechanically bonded to refrigeration grade copper tubes. The condenser fan is of a low noise axial type. Fan blades are fully enclosed by a safety grill.


Cooling capacity:

The cooling capacity of a chiller is dependent on its operating conditions, particularly the liquid temperature and concentration.

The FT63 has a cooling capacity of 2Kw with an outlet temperature of +3°C and using a 20% glycol solution (typical FT74/FT74XTS application). For other applications please consult Armfield.

Refrigerant: R407C Freon
Max. ambient temp: 32°C



Laboratory Process Chiller 230V/1 phase/50Hz/15A

Laboratory Process Chiller 220V/1 phase/60Hz/16A

Shipping Specification

Volume: 0.7m³
Gross weight: 160kg

Overall Dimensions

Depth: 0.73m
Width: 0.57m
Height: 0.89m

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