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Multifunctional Process Tanks

Multifunctional process tanks. Technolab supplies multifunctional batch mixers and cookers for the food industry. We supply both single machines and complete process lines.

We have equipment for small quantities in the laboratory as well as for industrial-scale production. Our strengths are scaling up to industrial production with only a few operators, meeting the constantly changing requirements of the retail trade with a flexible production system, eliminating human errors through recipe systems and automation as well as automatic cleaning in the shortest possible time.

Multifunctional Process Tanks
Multipurpose Mixing Vessel Multipurpose Mixing Vessel

MINATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT140 Mixing Vessels Armfield FT140 Multipurpose Mixing Vessels are designed and constructed using high quality hygie..

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Multifunction Laboratory Mixers Multifunction Laboratory Mixers

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT141/142 Multifunction Laboratory MixersThe Armfield FT141 and FT142 are versatile batch processing vessels, the FT..

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Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel

INDUSTRIAL FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT40 Multi-purpose Processing VesselA vital stage in the preparation of a food product is the accurate addition and correct ..

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