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Edible Oils

Edible oils production in the laboratory with Technolab. We supply a complete line for the production of edible oil from a range of fruits, nuts and seeds in laboratory scale batches of approximately 20 kg.

Edible oil is washed out of oily seeds by a solvent using a solid-liquid extraction process (FT29). Raw cooking oil is refined by the FT66 Neutralizer / Scrubber / Bleacher. The deodorizing unit FT68 is used for final processing. The FT67 hydrogenation unit is used to remove possible traces of catalysts.

Further processing can be carried out with our suitable equipment such as homogenizers, process tanks and margarine machines.

Edible Oils
Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit

FT29 Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit The Armfield Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit is a floor-standing, ..

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Neutraliser / Washer / Bleacher Neutraliser / Washer / Bleacher

Das Standmodell Armfield FT66 Neutralisator/Wäscher/Bleicher für die Batchverarbeitung ist in der Lage, die Vor-Raffinationsstufen für kleine Mengen v..

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Hydrogenation Unit Hydrogenation Unit

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT67 Hydrogenation UnitThe Armfield Hydrogenation unit is a floor-standing batch processing vessel, which is used to..

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Deodorising Unit Deodorising Unit

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT68 Deodorising Unit The Armfield Deodorising Unit is a floor-standing batch processing vessel suitable for steam s..

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CentriPeel Centrifuge

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT27 CentriPeel CentrifugeThe all stainless Armfield CentriPeel Centrifuge FT27 is a solid bowl type separator desig..

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