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Filtration - Extraction

Filtration - extraction in the laboratory. Technolab offers equipment for the rapid evaluation of membranes for cross-flow filtration with small quantities as well as in small pilot scale.

We offer extraction with a solvent extraction unit that can use various solvents such as hexane. On the other hand, we offer rapid extractors which work with non-flammable solvents such as water and pressure for the gentle extraction of active ingredients.

Filtration - Extraction
Modular Cross Flow Filtration Modular Cross Flow Filtration

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGY FT18MkII Modular Cross Flow Filtration The Armfield FT18-MkII is a small pilot-scale cross-flow filtration system..

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Cross Flow Membrane Filtration System Cross Flow Membrane Filtration System

The Armfield FT17 is a lab-scale system for evaluating membranes in a cross flow filtration application. This enables rapid determination of cross flo..

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Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit

FT29 Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit The Armfield Batch Solvent Extraction and Desolventising Unit is a floor-standing, ..

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Bench Top Rapid Extractor Bench Top Rapid Extractor

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT110 Benchtop Rapid Extractor The Armfield FT110 Benchtop Rapid Extractor is used to extract the active const..

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Laboratory Scale Rapid Extractor Laboratory Scale Rapid Extractor

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT111 Laboratory-scale Rapid ExtractorIdeally suited to product development purposes, the Armfield FT111 Laboratory-..

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