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Spray Drying - Concentration

Spray drying - concentration - laboratory plants. Technolab's process plants enable trials with small quantities in the laboratory and pilot plant. They enable the development of recipes with low-cost small batches and the scale-up for production.

We cover various processes with equipment such as spray dryers, spray coolers, vacuum freeze dryers, jet and fluid bed freezers.

Spray Drying - Concentration
Rising Film Evaporator Rising Film Evaporator

INDUSTRIAL FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT22 Rising Film EvaporatorThe costs incurred by the length of time taken, the large quantities of raw materials required an..

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Tall Form Spray Drier /Spray Chiller Tall Form Spray Drier /Spray Chiller

The Armfield Tall Form Spray Dryer has been specifically designed to enable small quantities of product to be processed. The functional properties of ..

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Vacuum Freeze Dryer

FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT33MkII Vacuum Freeze DryerThe Armfield Freeze Dryer is a compactly designed unit with an insulated working chamber 300mm diameter x 3..

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Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer

FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT36 Blast and Fluid Bed FreezerThe Armfield Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer combines these two important industrial processes into one sca..

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