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Laboratory Process Chiller

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Laboratory Process Chiller

Laboratory Process Chiller

A recirculating process chiller suitable for both pilot plants and laboratories.
This unit has a small footprint giving high capacity to cater for all the ice/chilled water requirements in your laboratory.
Food grade primary and secondary refrigerants compatible with modern and future food and beverage research centres are used.

Technical Specifications

  • The cooling capacity of a chiller is dependent on its operating conditions, particularly the liquid temperature and concentration.
  • The FT64 has a typical cooling capacity of 10.8kW with an outlet temperature of 0°C, using a 20% glycol solution (typical FT94X application). For other applications please consult Armfield.

Refrigerant: R407C Freon

Max. ambient temp: 32°C

Process Pump

Head: 6 bar max

Flow rate: 4.8 m³/hr at 3.7 bar

Ingress protection rating: 54

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid cooling of products even at higher flow rates
  • Very simple control panel with ergonomic operator interface
  • High accuracy temperature control
  • Continuous recirculation ensures reduced response times when changing the set point
  • Three distribution circuits mean one can be isolated leaving the other two running at the desired capacity without interruption
  • High accuracy in control of temperature due to reservoir of precooled media
  • Small footprint
  • Three distribution circuits
  • Wide process range and ambient operability range
  • High efficiency cooling circuit

Ordering Specification

  • Three isolatable distribution circuits
  • 10.8 kW cooling duty
  • Floor standing
  • Single Axial Fan
  • Noise rating 53dB


  • Electricity supply: 3 Phase 400 Volts / 50Hz
  • Water or glycol (for initial commissioning, deionised)


Length: 75.6 cm

Width: 140.5 cm

Height: 80.6 cm

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