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T-VARIA Windshield Wiper LIN-Bus

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T-VARIA Windshield Wiper LIN-Bus

This module panel expands your T-Varia system to a modern windshield wiper system. In conjunction with the control panel „Controls CAN-Bus", this unit can be controlled and connected to the network.

  • At a glance
  • Features
  •  Connect all original automotive components according to the wiring diagram
  •  Crosslinking of the system by connecting power supply and bus lines of all control units, thus all lines are measurable and can be separated for diagnostic purposes
  •  Terminal designations according to DIN 72552, with schematic print
  •  Wiper is designed with original linkage redirector, with 6mm glass pane and rain sensor
  •  Use standard workshop measuring and testing devices for diagnosis and troubleshooting
  •  10 x connectors in 4mm safety design, 2 x with a bridge plug, for wiring and for measuring
  •  Integrating the LIN bus components in the networked system
  •  Educational documents with tasks and worksheets and associated solutions
  • Learning Objectives
  •  Read and use vehicle wiring diagrams
  •  Data communication with LIN-Bus
  •  Identify electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  •  Testing and maintenance of electrical and electronic circuits
  •  Selecting and using electrical measuring and testing devices
  •  Measurement and evaluation of electrical values and signals
  •  Encoding control units, customizing software versions and checking data communication lines, in compliance with legal and manufacturer-related provisions
  •  Documenting work results and evaluate by comparing with calculated values ​​and manufacturer specifications
  • Equipment
  •  T-Varia system panel 956mm x 250mm x 6mm, suitable for T-Varia trolley
  •  Design with color digital printing, schematics and symbols, protective film, two chrome plated bar handles for easy handling, and backside cover
  •  1 x original wiper motor with integrated LIN bus control unit
  •  1 x original washer pump with reversal front / rear
  •  1 x original rain / brightness sensor LIN bus
  •  1 x 6mm thick glass pane corresponding to a car windscreen
  •  1 x wiper with deflecting linkage and wiper
  •  1 x spray bottle for rain simulation

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: 12 Volt DC
  • Dimensions: L x H x D: 956 x 250 x 140 mm
  • Weight: about 7 kg

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