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Automotive Electronics and Actuators Trainer

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Automotive Electronics and Actuators Trainer

Innovative laboratory trainer for automotive electronics and actuators. The components can be freely wired to numerous typical automotive electrical circuits.

  • Overview
  • Features
  •   Clear presentation of available components with colored imprint
  •   Wire any circuit - as with conventional plug-in modules
  •   Electronically protected components
  •   Extensive digital worksheets available for Electude e-learning system *
  • Learning content
  •   Getting to know vehicle-typical electronic components and actuators according to equipment
  •   Interpreting typical voltage values in vehicle-related circuits
  •   Multimeter and oscilloscope as measuring devices
  • Equipment
  •   Laboratory trainer in console housing for use on the table or in DIN A4 support frame
  •   2 x fuse, switch, 2 x precision shunt, pulse width frequency generator for simulation of control units
  •   5 V DC voltage source, capacitor, 3 x resistors, potentiometer, rectifier diode, Z diode, thyristor
  •   NPN transistor, field effect transistor, 2 x lamp, relay, proportional solenoid valve, collector motor
  •   65 x sockets for wiring and measuring, 4 x sockets for power supply

Recommended additional equipment

  • 112020162 - Digital Work Orders Automotive Electronics and Actuators Trainer (Basics)
  • 112020018 - Set of safety connecting cables 2mm Lab Trainer
  • 112050010 - Power supply TS10
  • 116062014 - Digital Multimeter Fluke 175
  • 112020024 - Test lead BNC on 2mm for laboratory trainer
  • 116152040 - USB Oscilloscope - PicoScope 2-Channel Starter Set

Technical data

  • Power connection: 12 Volt DC
  • Dimensions: L x W x H 297 x 266 x 80 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2.5 kg

* Note: The documentation and worksheets for this product are available in digital form only.

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