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2000 A AC/DC Current Clamp

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2000 A AC/DC Current Clamp

The current clamp is supplied with shrouded 4 mm (banana) plug type connectors so can not be plugged directly into the PicoScope.


We recommend the use of the 16162115 or 16162116 automotive test lead (see below) to connect the current clamp to the oscilloscope. Alternatively the 16162117 BNC to 4 mm plug adaptor can be used.

Technical data:
Measuring ranges: 0 - 1500A AC, 0 - 2000A DC
Output voltage: 1mV per 1A
AC frequency range: 50 - 400 Hz

Jaws opening capability: for Ø57mm leads or 70 x 18 mm bus bars

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