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Ignition distributor

OH-Model Ignition distributor-opening and dwell angle can be read -change of the breaker-point gap -opening and dwell angle change depending on the br..

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Vacuum advance at an ignition distributor

OH-Model Vacuum advance at an ignition distributor-rotating of the contact -breaker plate by the vacuum box -ignition advance -the ignition interval c..

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Centrifugal advance device of a distributor

OH-Model Centrifugal advance device of a distributor-function of the centrifugal weights -function of the retracting spring -ignition advance caused b..

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Roller-type free wheel

OH-Model Roller-type free wheelFunction of the rollers rotating counterclockwise and clockwise. Jaming and free-wheelin...

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Starter motor

OH-Model Starter motor(pre-engaged drive starter with planetary gear by Bosch). starter switch can be moved. The solenoid switch is closed activating ..

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Expansion-element regulator

OH-Model Expansion-element regulatorFunction of the expansion element. The valve can be moved back and forth..When warming up the engine, the dual va..

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