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Three-phase alternating-current (AC) generator

OH-Model Three-phase alternating-current (AC) generatorwhen the rotor turns, three different and phase-displaced AC voltages are produced. These volt..

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Drum brake servo (like duo servo)

OH-Model Drum brake servo (like duo servo)force transmission only possible in one direction..

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Regulating valve with linear characteristic

OH-Model Regulating valve with linear characteristicAll phases can be shown: closing position, passage position and exhaust position (detailed descrip..

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KE-Jetronic fuel injection

OH-Model KE-Jetronic fuel injection-rebound plate, diaphragms, sensor plate, control plunger and sensor-plate potentiometer can be actuated -the idle-..

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Hydropneumatic suspension

OH-Model Hydropneumatic suspensionthe diaphragm of the suspension element and the piston are moved by wheel compression and rebound. simultaneously, t..

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Brake band of an automatic transmisson

OH-Model Brake band of an automatic transmisson-function of the brake-band plunger -function of the retracting spring -tensioning the brake band stops..

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