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OH-Model Tolerances variable location and size of the allowances all fits can be shown limit size and minimum or maximum are shown directly ..

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Fixed-caliper disk brake

OH-Model Fixed-caliper disk brakeactuating the brake pistons. the principle of independent readjustment. deformation of the sealing ring while braking..

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Floating-caliper disk brake

OH-Model Floating-caliper disk brakea small, transparent cam first pushes the piston with brake pad against the brake disk and then the caliper into ..

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Sliding brake caliper

OH-Model Sliding brake caliperfirst, a transparent cam pushes the brake pad against the brake disk. The caliper absorbs the counter force and is moved..

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Automatic load-dependent brake-power distributor

OH-Model Automatic load-dependent brake-power distributor-function of the control lever -release, partial-load and full-load position -actuating the v..

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Ecotronic system (carburetor)

OH-Model Ecotronic system (carburetor)adjustable: float, idle mixture regulation screw, choke actuator, control needle, choke plate; throttle and thro..

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