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Trailer-control valve

OH-Model Trailer-control valve-driving position with an intact unit -braking with service-brake valve and defect trailer-brake line -braking with serv..

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Trailer-brake valve with advance valve

OH-Model Trailer-brake valve with advance valve-driving position -full-braking position -failure of brake line -failure of brake and air-reservoir lin..

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OH-Model Turning the lathe chisel can be positioned on, above or below the center a change of draft and effective cutting angle can be read immediat..

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Slotting machine

OH-Model Slotting machine function of the crank mechanism return stroke shorter than cutting stroke adjustable stroke length..

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Pythagorean theorem

OH-Model Pythagorean theorem The theorem of Pythagoras can be shown by converting the squares above the catheters into the square above the hypotenuse..

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Spiral-type supercharger

OH-Model Spiral-type supercharger-function of drive shaft and auxiliary shaft -motion of the displacement spiral -in the housing, air is compressed by..

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