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Overhead Models

The moveable and transparent overhead models are made of three millimetre thick acrylic glass and are bolted with zinc-plated M3 screws and washers to give you years of pleasure.

They make it possible to represent complex interrelationships in running movements in a simple way. The base plate of our models is 300 x 300 x 3 mm in size.

Overhead Models
Synchronization of the transmission

OH-Model Synchronization of the transmission-gearshift rod with gearshift fork in motion -sliding sleeve moves simultaneously -synchronization by fric..

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Firing Orders

OH-Model Firing Orders-firing order of one- to twelve-cylinder engines -any firing order can be set -especially suited to understand different firing ..

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Piston-pin offset

OH-Model Piston-pin offset-without offset: piston changes bearing surface after TDC (under full combustion pressure) -with offset: piston changes bear..

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Constant-vacuum carburetor

OH-Model Constant-vacuum carburetorfunction of float, float-needle valve, throttle, vacuum piston, jet needle and damper piston...

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Air-flow sensor with fuel distributor K-Jetronic

OH-Model Air-flow sensor with fuel distributor K-Jetronic-function of the air-flow sensor plate -actuating the control plunger -CO-value setting by me..

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Warm-up regulator K-Jetronic

OH-Model Warm-up regulator K-Jetronic-function of the bimetal spring -function of the valve diaphragm -function of the valve springs -function of the ..

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