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Overhead Models

The moveable and transparent overhead models are made of three millimetre thick acrylic glass and are bolted with zinc-plated M3 screws and washers to give you years of pleasure.

They make it possible to represent complex interrelationships in running movements in a simple way. The base plate of our models is 300 x 300 x 3 mm in size.

Overhead Models
Drum brake duo servo (like simplex)

OH-Model Drum brake duo servo (like simplex)transmission of the frictional forces of one brake shoe to the other. backing-up the same effect results...

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Pneumatic brake booster

OH-Model Pneumatic brake boosterbrakes released (vacuum valve open). brakes activated (vacuum valve closed, exterior air valve opened and working pist..

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Single-chamber brake master cylinder

OH-Model Single-chamber brake master cylinder-function of piston, piston valve and primary sealing cup -when the brake is released, the sealing cup is..

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Tandem brake master cylinder

OH-Model Tandem brake master cylinderfunction of pressure rod piston and intermediate piston.simulation of a failure of brake circuit I or II the peda..

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OH-Model Vane-pump-function of the pump -centrifugal force causes apex seal to fit -apex seals don’t fit at slow rotation..

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Roller-cell pump

OH-Model Roller-cell pump-function of the pump -centrifugal force causes rollers to seal..

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