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Overhead Models

The moveable and transparent overhead models are made of three millimetre thick acrylic glass and are bolted with zinc-plated M3 screws and washers to give you years of pleasure.

They make it possible to represent complex interrelationships in running movements in a simple way. The base plate of our models is 300 x 300 x 3 mm in size.

Overhead Models

OH-Model CommutatorPrinciple of a direct-current (DC) motor and a commutator.The magnetic field turns with the electromagnet; after 180 degrees, the ..

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Adjustable wishbone

OH-Model Adjustable wishbonePrinciple of suspension and damping. compression changes track width and camber. camber and kingpin inclination adjustable..

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Locking synchronization System Porsche

OH-Model Locking synchronization System Porsche-dragging of the split synchronizing ring -spreading of the locking straps causes synchronizing ring to..

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Downdraught carburetor

OH-Model Downdraught carburetor-function of float, choke , air valve, throttle -accelerator pump and idle mixture regulation -screw (all can be moved)..

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Diaphragm fuel pump

OH-Model Diaphragm fuel pump-delivery and suction stroke -function of the valves -principle of elastic delivery..

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Charging a battery

OH-Model Charging a battery-discharged battery; charging procedure; charged battery; discharging the battery -generator or consuming device can be put..

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