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Filling and various Equipment

Filling and various equipment for sterile filling, in-line homogenisation, degassing and other processes for liquid foods and pharmaceuticals. Equipment for laboratory applications and pilot plants.

Filling and various Equipment
CentriPeel Centrifuge

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT27 CentriPeel CentrifugeThe all stainless Armfield CentriPeel Centrifuge FT27 is a solid bowl type separator desig..

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Vacuum Freeze Dryer

FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT33MkII Vacuum Freeze DryerThe Armfield Freeze Dryer is a compactly designed unit with an insulated working chamber 300mm diameter x 3..

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Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel

INDUSTRIAL FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT40 Multi-purpose Processing VesselA vital stage in the preparation of a food product is the accurate addition and correct ..

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