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In-Line Deaerator In-Line Deaerator

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT51 Continuous In-line Deaerator The Armfield FT51 Continuous In-line Deaerator unit has been designed to enable ..

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Cheese Vat Cheese Vat

INDUSTRIAL FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT20/FT20A Cheese Vat & Cheese Making Accessories The Armfield Cheese Vat FT20/FT20A makes an ideal research facili..

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CentriPeel Centrifuge

MINIATURE-SCALE R&D TECHNOLOGYFT27 CentriPeel CentrifugeThe all stainless Armfield CentriPeel Centrifuge FT27 is a solid bowl type separator desig..

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Vacuum Freeze Dryer

FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT33MkII Vacuum Freeze DryerThe Armfield Freeze Dryer is a compactly designed unit with an insulated working chamber 300mm diameter x 3..

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Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer

FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT36 Blast and Fluid Bed FreezerThe Armfield Blast and Fluid Bed Freezer combines these two important industrial processes into one sca..

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Multi-Purpose Processing Vessel

INDUSTRIAL FOOD TECHNOLOGYFT40 Multi-purpose Processing VesselA vital stage in the preparation of a food product is the accurate addition and correct ..

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